Sarah Hartman


My name is Sarah Hartman. I work in web development.

I have a couple web launches under my belt. I've also got experience with responsive design, Adobe Experience Manager, and user experience design. If you'd like, you can take a look at my LinkedIn.

Or, if you're looking to get in touch, you could contact me directly - my email is

Other Stuff

I'm a serial hobbyist - I'm a voracious reader, enjoy writing fiction (I regularly participate in National Novel Writing Month and have "won" seven times), and am an enthusiastic knitter and needleworker. I've also started to dip my toes into quilting.

My brother and I have started a hobby game development studio - although our first game's release keeps getting pushed back due to feature creep!

I've also been involved with the model horse hobby for over ten years. Modelmaking is one of my true passions, and over the years I've become a lover (and collector) of anything miniature. My miniatures have won top awards at both regional and national levels, and when I'm not distracted by my other hobbies, I'm usually making something tiny and fiddly.