Sarah Hartman

About Me: Work

My name is Sarah Hartman. I work in web development.

I have several years of experience managing the day-to-day maintenence of enterprise websites, from everyday updates to design to project management, and I also have a couple of web launches under my belt. I've got experience with Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, Wordpress, responsive design, and user experience design.

I'm also knowledgable about SEO, especially structural SEO. I am one of the few people you'll meet who gets really excited about sitemaps and site taxonomies!

For more details about my work experience, you can take a look at my LinkedIn.

If you're looking to get in touch, you can contact me directly - my email is

About Me: Play

I have a formal background in fine art, so in my spare time, I love doing anything creative: I enjoy writing fiction (and frequently participate in National Novel Writing Month), am learning to bookbind, love to draw and paint, knit my own socks and sweaters, and am an occasional weaver and needleworker.

I also live in a fixer-upper, so one of the hobbies I get to (read: have to) "enjoy" is working on handyman projects!

Of all my hobbies, though, modelmaking is my favorite, and over the years I've become a lover (and collector) of anything miniature. I'm a member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans, and my miniature work has won top awards at both regional and national levels.